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Are you tired of using multiple credit cards to make your credit history better? If yes, then www.doubleyourline.com is the solution for all your credit issues. As it is specially designed to cooperate with the people who are having a poor credit score and want to rebuild it. Double Your Line is a perfect MasterCard for your credit problems.

Double Your Line MasterCard is based on the United States of America and it is issued by the Merrick Bank. This MasterCard has slightly high charges but they are surely worth it. You won’t regret paying a high amount because, in the end, you will notice that your credit score will boost up within a few days.

You can check here complete features and benefits of Doubleyourline Card before you make use of it.

Benefits of Merrick Bank Double Your Line:

  • The most amazing benefit of Double Your line is that you will not be charged on opening your account at www.doubleyourline.com. It is free.
  • Moreover, there are no penalty charges if you couldn’t be able to pay the amount on the due date.
  • Likewise, if you make payments on the due date then you can get access to your FICO score.
  • If you pay 2000$ so, there are chances that your credit score will boost up right away.
  • Generally, if you are a member of this credit card then your credit score will be improved quickly within a few days.

Apply at www.doubleyourline.com with Two Procedures:

1- Apply with the Acceptance Form:

If you are lucky enough to get the acceptance form then the application procedure will be very easy and simple for you. You need to follow a few instructions to apply.

  • First, connect your laptop or mobile phone with a reliable internet connection.
  • Then open your website browser and go to the official website of the Merrick Bank, which is www.doubleyourline.com.
  • On the first page of this website, you will see a page where you need to provide8 the answers to a few necessary questions.
  • These questions will include your last name, which is mentioned in the offer letter, your acceptance certificate number, and your official email address.
  • Check the answers carefully and then tap on the button ‘Apply now’ to complete this procedure.

2- Apply without the Acceptance Form

In case if you don’t get the acceptance form then don’t worry because this is not a big deal. You can still apply at www.doubleyourline.com without the acceptance form.

  • Connect your laptop or mobile phone with a good internet connection.
  • Then open your website browser and go to the official website www.doubleyourline.com.
  • Here you will be asked to provide some basic details, which include your first, middle, and last name. Moreover, you will have to provide your date of birth, your permanent home address, contact information such as your phone number and email address.
  • Then you will have to provide the last four digits of your social security number (SSN).
  • Give a review of all the information and tap on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • When you will submit the application form so, you will get a notification through an email that whether your application is approved or still pending.

Customer Reviews on www.doubleyourline.com:

Customers of the Merrick Bank Double Your Line are very happy and satisfied. They told about their experience at www.doubleyourline.com, which we will share with you as well.

  • People said that this credit card has helped them to resolve their credit issues. Moreover, it boosted up their credit score and the limit within a very few days.
  • Some of the customers stated that they had the best experience with the Merrick Bank Double Your Line. Moreover, they will recommend it to their friends and family as well.
  • The customers have given amazing feedback to the customer service department for their excellent performance and availability.

Now here are some word to word reviews from Consumer Affairs.

1- I have enjoyed being a part of the Merrick Bank consumer group. My concerns are always taken seriously. I have used the card for travel and have had no difficulties. They continue to assist me in learning how to manage me credit score with clear suggestions and answers.

2- Here’s what Janice has to say: I love Merrick but I am billed monthly for the yearly fee. I was paying off all my cards and paid off both merrick accounts I have and put the cards away in my drawer. I have had 0 late payments in 3 years but missed the monthly annual fee of 3$ over the course of 69 or 90 days which was somewhere around 9$ and it was reported to the credit bureau. I am livid about that. I know it was my oversight but I wish merrick would pull that report back. Charge yearly so people like me that have a 0 balance but have a slip up of a 3$ charge don’t have this issue.

3- This is Carl’s Point of View: I have been with Merrick Bank for a few years now. I also have 11 other credit cards and my Merrick Bank card is one of my favorite. A little higher interest rate than the rest but I have always had good customer service and absolutely no hiccups with my monthly billing. I would definitely recommend Merrick Bank.

4- Danny’s Point of View is here: Merrick Bank has been excellent to work with. Easy web access, fair rates, great credit info and tips, overall great company to deal with. I would recommend Merrick to any of my friends or family members.

5- Patricia Point of View is here: I am so thankful that Merrick has been good to me. I was rebuilding my credit and they have helped tremendously with my credit increases. They do show you that you are being a good customer as well. Also, customer service is amazing! Thank you Merrick Bank!


  1. I need help. I been making payments on my card, as soon as I got money now it won’t show any of my payments and they said I need to reinstatement my card. What should i Do.

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