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If you’re done with your poor credit card score and want to be qualified for a better credit card then Doubleyourline can serve you. Your credit line can be increased within a few days if you make the first seven payments right on time.

Doubleyourline Credit Credit & MasterCard is officially issued by the Merrick Bank from the United States. If you have received pre-approved mail offer then you can apply on by the below method. This MasterCard has many amazing features with a bit high charges but they are worth it. As this credit card can make your credit history from low to high in a very few days.

Moreover, it has no penalty charges if you can’t make the payments on time.

Characteristics of Doubleyourline Card Offer:

You can check out the important instructions before applying to

  • Doubleyourline yearly charges are up to 75$ and then it will be 8$ as your monthly fee.
  • If you make use of any additional credit card then it will be charged up to 12$.
  • Moreover, there are no money-back warranties at the gas stations and other purchases.
  • You can also get free access to your FICO score if your payments get clear on time.
  • Your credit score and the limit will start increasing within a few days.
  • However, Doubleyourline has high annual charges so, not everyone will prefer to have it for being so expensive.

Invitation from Merrick Bank DoubleYourLine:

You will probably get an email in which you will have your invitation to the DoubleYourLine website. The invitation will be including some important details, which you can check out.

  • If you pay up to 2000$ so, there are chances that your credit limit will be increased and it can double your line as well.
  • There are no yearly charges for people with a high credit score limit.
  • If you create your account at then it will be totally free. You will not need to pay any charges.

How the Merrick Bank Approach to the Customers:

Merrick Bank reaches out to its customers in a neutrally as they select any random people and send them the invitation email. Therefore, you will be lucky if you get the invitation. 

1- Give Response to your Invitation Email:

If you get your invitation email then this procedure is very basic and simple. You just need to follow some important instructions below.

  • Connect your mobile or laptop with a reliable internet connection.
  • Then open your website browser and go to the official website of Merrick Bank, which is 
  • There are some basic requirements, which you need to fulfill and that are very necessary as well. 
  • You will be required to provide your first and last name, your Acceptance Certificate Number, your contact information, and your email address.
  • Tap on the ‘Apply’ button to continue the procedure.

2- Apply without Invitation Letter:

If you didn’t get the invitation letter from Merrick Bank then don’t panic as you can still apply at All you have to do is follow some points for the application procedure.

  • First, go to the official website of Merrick Bank
  • On the first page, you will see a form, which you have to fill with some basic information and your personal details.
  • These details include your first and last name, the date of birth, your permanent home address, current salary, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Now tap on the ‘See if I match’ button, which you will find under the form.
  • Then tap on the ‘Continue’ button to complete the procedure.

Double Your Line Customer Reviews:

Here are Few customer Reviews gathered from different forum and website.

1- This has been a excellent credit card to have. I have received 2 limit increases in less than 1 year. My limit is currently almost 3 times the amount of my initial limit. It’s nice to see a company reward their customers for good spending habits.

2-I have never dealt with such a good company before. I had my first ever purchase dispute and they were so good to me the whole time until the issue was resolved. The app is very user friendly and they definitely award good payment history. I’d recommend Merrick Bank to anyone.

3- I got the Merrick Bank credit card offer about 4 years ago. I had never heard of them before and did some researching. It seems that offer 2 different cards, one secured and one that is not. I was going to give 5 stars but took one away after reading some other reviews. I took one star away based on they are closing accounts of long time customers based on no activity without warning them. Lowering their credit tremendously and then finally cut off. Why cut off customers that should be considered as being loyal and has been a great benefit for both the business and the customer.

4- My experience is credit card related. I’m working on building my credit score to well over 700. When Merrick offered and approved me for a credit card my score was in the high 500. Over a year later and with consistent credit increase (without having to ask for one) my current score is 693. I can attribute this to Merrick’s excellent customer service.

Substitute of Merrick Bank

There is a list of the best credit MasterCards, which you can use as a substitute for Doubleyourline. They have the same benefits and features, therefore, you can rely on them. People who can’t afford this credit card can choose its alternative credit cards. 

  • Discover IT Secured Credit Card

Discover IT secured card has many prominent features and amazing discount offers. As it has no penalty if you can’t able to make payments on time. Moreover, you just need to pay 200$ for the security deposit. Likewise, there are no yearly charges so, anyone can afford to have this great credit MasterCard.

  • Capital One MasterCard

Capital One MasterCard also has many characteristics, which can satisfy your requirements. As you have to pay only 49$ as the security deposit charges. Furthermore, there are no annual charges for the Capital One MasterCard. This credit MasterCard offers different discount coupons in the grocery stores and gas stations as well.

Make Online Payment for Doubleyourline:

You can do the online payment procedure by visiting You can register here and log-in with your account to clear your monthly payments. Moreover, you can check the credit history as well to keep yourself updated.

  • Online Payment with Mobile Application

You can download the mobile application of Merrick Bank Doubleyourline. This is an easier way to get your payments done and check out all your payment history as well.

  • Payment with Mailing Address

You can use the official mailing address of Merrick Bank Doubleyourline, which is Merrick Bank, P.O. Box 660702, Dallas, TX 75266-0702. You can send your payment on this mailing address and that’s all.

Customer Service Department

Merrick Bank Doubleyourline has a great customer service department with its quick and amazing services. You can dial its official contact number, which is 1-800-204-5936 and explain your problem. Moreover, you can ask about any information you want, as the call representatives will clarify everything thoroughly.

Likewise, you communicate with the call agents through their mailing address, which is P.O. Box 9201, Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001. You can send you a message on this mailing address and still get the complete information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Merrick Credit Card is secure?

Merrick Credit Card is completely safe and secured because it has a very strict privacy policy. If your information gets leaked out so, the management takes full responsibility and cooperates until the matter gets solved.

  • When will the credit start increasing?

The credit limit starts increasing within a few days when you start making payments right on the due dates. Moreover, you can apply for the credit increase limit through its website Your application will be approved within a month. Moreover, if you want to apply again then you will have to try after four to six months.

  • Where does the Merrick Bank locate?

The Merrick Bank is located at 10705 S Jordan Gwyn, Ste 200, South Jordan, Utah 84095. Furthermore, the primary merchant of the account division is located in Woodbury, New York. 

  • Do we have to pay for foreign transactions?

Yes, there are monthly and yearly charges for foreign transactions. Such as, you will have to pay a 36$ as your yearly charges and then it will be reduced to 0.2$ as your foreign transaction charges. If you are not able to clear the payment on time then you will have to pay extra 38$ as a penalty charge. Therefore, make sure that you clear your payments before the due date.

  • How long does it take to get a Merrick Bank credit card in the mail?

On Average it take around 2-3 working weeks to reach Merrick Bank credit card to your home.

  • Is 750 good credit score?

A 750 credit score is Very Good, but it can be even better. If you can elevate your score into the Exceptional range (800-850), you could become eligible for the very best lending terms as well.

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